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Blackout OpSec arose out of the need for a collective prepper community resource for tips, guides, and reviews to help secure and anonymize your online presence.  While many of you may be very skilled and knowledgeable about tactical maneuvers, food storage, and communications, not many understand the myriad number of ways you can reveal and compromise yourself online.

Our world has become saturated with technology, and with it an equivalent number of ways in which you can be tracked, profiled, and monitored.  We here at Blackout OpSec have always maintained a strong interest in seeking out and finding ways to take back and protect what is rightfully and solely ours, our privacy.

While there are no guarantees, and we make no claims to provide 100% security or anonymity online, our mission is to help you to increase and fortify your online operational security posture.  There are many simple and often free things you can do to improve in this area, and our intent is to help whip you into operational shape.

We do not cover every minute aspect of achieving privacy.  What we do want to do is provide awareness to the fact that higher levels of privacy can be achieved and to give you the foundation to build on.

You have your orders, no Go Dark!

Blackout OpSec



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